Top 20 Tactical Considerations from Firefighter Research

Report Date: November 2015

Underwriter Laboratories (UL) Firefighter Safety Research Institute has worked with Firehouse Magazine and BullEx to produce a free, interactive training program on tactical fireground considerations based on nearly a decade of research. 

UL has been researching topics such as building construction, modern fire behavior, ventilation, suppression, and more to help firefighters operate more safely and effectively. This research has been performed in collaboration with technical panels of experienced firefighters to ensure that the research is appropriate and applicable to the fire service. 

Using the data from UL research and the experience of the technical panels, and teaming with Firehouse Magazine and BullEx, tactical fireground considerations are presented in this training titled Top 20 Tactical Considerations from Firefighter Research. The tactical considerations are organized into five sections:

  • Setting the Stage
  • Fire Dynamics
  • Initial Fire Attack
  • Coordinated Ventilation
  • Thermal Imagers and Basement Fires

The training includes a concise description of each tactic along with a video or picture to further explain the tactic.


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  • UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute

    UL’s Firefighter Safety Research Institute is dedicated to increasing firefighter knowledge to reduce injuries and deaths in the fire service and in the communities they serve. With a team of experts and access to UL’s leading infrastructure, equipment and vast knowledge and insights, FSRI conducts and disseminates cutting-edge research and training programs that focus on the changing dynamics of residential, commercial and industrial fires, and the impact they have on fire service tactics and strategies.

Underwriter Laboratories, Inc. and Firehouse Magazine. (2015, November 19) Top 20 Tactical Considerations from Firefighter Research [on-line course]. Retrieved from:

Image Credit: Underwriter Laboratories (UL) Firefighter Safety Research Institute
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