Scaling of Wood Pallet Fires

Report Date: February 2017

To better understand fire behavior, fire researchers conduct live-fire testing to support theoretical work. Ideally these tests would be done in full scale. However, due to cost and facility constraints, most live-fire research cannot be done in full scale. 

This paper explores a theoretical method for scaling fire behavior and then validates the method with live-fire testing on various scales of a pallet structure. The testing shows a strong correlation to the theoretical method and gives further insight into understanding fire growth and fire behavior. Learning from research into fires will help firefighters to better understand fire behavior and thereby fight fires more efficiently.


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    SP Fire Research is active in research, Fire Safety Engineering, support to national and international legislation, off-shore safety, risk analysis, testing, certification, inspection and so on. The group works globally.

    We investigate and test the behaviour of materials and products in fires. The results can be used for type approval and certification in Sweden and in other countries. We test extinguishants and fire-fighting equipment.

    We also perform theoretical analyses of the growth of fires and the spread of smoke, with calculations of temperatures in structures exposed to fire.

    We have an extensive network of contacts through such ways as active participation in international standardisation by CEN and ISO, as well as through the joint European fire testing laboratories organisation, EGOLF.

    Our activites are presented in our newsletter Brandposten. It is published twice a year on Swedish/Norwegian and English.

  • Fire Safety Journal

    Fire Safety Journal is an international journal devoted to research on Fire Safety Science and Engineering and the official Journal of the International Association for Fire Safety Science.

    Fire Safety Journal is the leading publication dealing with all aspects of fire safety engineering. Its scope is purposefully wide, as it is deemed important to encourage papers from all sources within this multidisciplinary subject, thus providing a forum for its further development as a distinct engineering discipline. This is an essential step towards gaining a status equal to that enjoyed by the other engineering disciplines.

    It is impossible to give a comprehensive list of topics which are considered acceptable and the following list is intended for guidance only:

    • Fire chemistry and physics
    • Fire dynamics (including gas explosions)
    • Active fire protection systems, including detection and suppression
    • Passive fire protection methods
    • People/fire interactions (physical, physiological and psychological)
    • Fire safety management
    • Assessment and quantification of fire risk (including acceptability of risk)
    • Fire investigation
    • Fire safety design (including consumer items, industrial plant, transportation, buildings)
    • Fire safety legislation
    • Fire safety education

    Original contributions relating to any of the above topics are invited, particularly if they incorporate a quantitative approach to the subject in question.

Li, Ying Zhen and Haukur Ingason. Scaling of Wood Pallet Fires. Fire Safety Journal Volume 88, pp. 96-103. 2017. Accessed from:

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