Real-Scale Fire Tests of One Bedroom Apartments with Regard to Tenability Assessment

Report Date: September 2014

Home fires continue to account for a majority of structural fire deaths, and the bedroom is the most common origin for fatal fires1. This paper details the results of real-scale bedroom fire tests for two realistic scenarios: one with the bedroom door open and one with the door closed. Toxic chemicals, temperature, and fire behavior are measured throughout the tests to understand the environment during the fire. The measurements are used to provide a quantitative tenability assessment for each bedroom fire scenario. This research is useful not only to understand the environment for potential victims in a bedroom, but also to better understand fire behavior and the compartment environment in general, and how it is affected by factors like ventilation.

1  Ahrens, Marty. US Home Structure Fires. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Fire. Analysis and Research Division, Quincy, MA. 2013.


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Guillaume, Eric, Franck Didieux, Aurelien Thiry, and Axel Bellivier. Real-Scale Fire Tests of One Bedroom Apartments with Regard to Tenability Assessment. Fire Safety Journal volume 70, p. 81-97. 2014. 

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