Principles of Modern Fire Attack Video Series

Report Date: September 2015

Understanding the basics of fire behavior is vital to the safety and survival of firefighters. The next step after understanding fire behavior is incorporating this knowledge into tactics; thereby providing more efficient fireground operations.

The International Society of Fire Service Instructors (ISFSI) has worked to provide guidelines for incorporating findings from recent UL FSRI and NIST fire dynamics research into tactics. They have proposed the acronym SLICE-RS for prioritizing fireground operations for the first arriving crew. The tasks 360 Size-Up, Locate the Fire, Identify and Control the Flow Path, Cool the Space, and Extinguish the Fire are recommended to be performed in this sequence. Rescue and Salvage are timed as necessary.

ISFSI has now released the Principles of Modern Fire Attack Video Series that helps to explain some of the major results of the UL and NIST research and the incorporation into tactics. This is another training tool that can help in understanding the implications of fire behavior on firefighting.


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International Society of Fire Service Instructors (ISFSI). Principles of Modern Fire Attack Video Series. Online video series. YouTube, 01 September 2015. Accessed from on 02 September 2015.

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