From Knowledge to Practice - Fire Dynamics Training

Report Date: February 2019

The goal of Global Fire Research is to share information to educated firefighters around the world in order to advance and promote more effective and safer fire operations. In gathering information, we have had the privilege of meeting other organizations and individuals with the same goal.

One such project is From Knowledge to Practice (FKTP) which is now available on-line. In 2013, Ottawa Fire Services, along with Calgary, Montreal and Halifax, obtained a $1.2 million grant through DRDC's Canadian Safety and Security Program to develop the curriculum. Over $3 million in sponsorship - both cash and in-kind - was also secured.

The FKTP curriculum was developed to address gaps between the science of fire dynamics and current firefighting strategies and tactics. Through development of a collaborative evidence-based fire dynamics curriculum, and safe, realistic, live fire training tools, the project seeks to reduce risks and impacts due to fire.

The study of fire dynamics allows firefighters to better understand the underlying physics and chemistry that determine fire growth and development. This understanding provides firefighters with a better ability to evaluate fire conditions and assess potential hazards in order to choose appropriate and effective strategies, tactics, and techniques.


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