Firefighter Safety and Photovoltaic Installations Research Project

Report Date: November 2011

UL examined concerns of photovoltaic systems and potential impacts on firefighting operations. The project includes a basic background on photovoltaic systems and their dangers as well as tactical and personal protective equipment considerations. Key concerns included firefighter vulnerability to electrical and casualty hazards when mitigating a fire involving these systems. Through this research, UL developed the empirical data needed to quantify hazards and provides the basis for the development of operational practices to reduce firefighter injury and death.

Click here to access an interactive eLearning module created by UL on photovoltaic systems. 


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  • UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute

    UL’s Firefighter Safety Research Institute is dedicated to increasing firefighter knowledge to reduce injuries and deaths in the fire service and in the communities they serve. With a team of experts and access to UL’s leading infrastructure, equipment and vast knowledge and insights, FSRI conducts and disseminates cutting-edge research and training programs that focus on the changing dynamics of residential, commercial and industrial fires, and the impact they have on fire service tactics and strategies.

Backstrom, Robert and David Dini. Firefighter Safety and Photovoltaic Systems Research Project. Northbrook, IL: Underwriters Laboratories, Inc, 2011. Print.

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