Fire Safety Design for Tall Buildings

Report Date: September 2013

There has been a surge in tall high-rise buildings constructed around the world over the last decade. However, there has been little updated guidance on fire safety design to accompany this construction and much of the fire engineering practice is out-of-date. This paper provides a survey of tall building fire investigations and highlights the critical elements of a global fire safety strategy for tall buildings. A key feature to be updated is fire safety design for the modern open-plan compartments. Understanding high-rise building design and evacuation is important to both fire safety design and firefighting in buildings. The details of the experiments and results were presented in the Asia-Oceania Symposium on Fire Science and Technology.

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    We are a world-class research fire centre with 40 research members from more than 18 different nationalities.The BRE Centre for Fire Safety Engineering exists to:

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    The School of Civil Engineering at The University of Queensland is renowned for civil engineering teaching and research in water, environmental, geotechnical, structural and transportation engineering.

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Cowlard, Adam, Adam Bittern, Cecilia Abecassis-Empis, and José Torero. Fire Safety Design for Tall Buildings. The 9th Asia-Oceania Symposium on Fire Science and Technology, 2013.

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