Enclosure Fires

Report Date: February 2001

The aim of Enclosure Fires is to provide a deeper understanding of how fire behaves during enclosure fires such as in houses or apartments. The book provides a basic knowledge of the factors controlling the fire behavior based on a combination of fire research and practical experience. It covers fire behavior, fire development, flashovers, backdrafts, and smoke gas explosions, and suggests warning signs to observe and actions to take during these phenomena. The topics are covered in a range of depth; from a top-level description to detailed analysis using mathematical formulas. Enclosure Fires is intended to provide the basic material for teaching about fire development in Sweden’s Rescue Services Agency colleges, but can be a valuable resource to other firefighters and researchers.


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Bengtsson, Lars-Göran. Enclosure Fires. Karlstad, Sweden: Swedish Rescue Services Agency, 2001. Print. 

Copyright Lars-Göran Bengtsson and the Swedish Rescue Services Agency

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