Development of a Portable Flashover Predictor (Fire-Ground Environment Sensor System)

Report Date: December 2010

Every year, firefighters lose their lives and are injured when flashovers occur during structural fires. A system to provide an early warning of an impending flashover could allow firefighters to exit a structure before the flashover occurs. This report from Worcester Polytechnic Institute chronicles the development of a portable flashover predictor for firefighters and its incorporation into their previously developed integrated firefighter locator and environmental monitor. The report is divided into two sections. The first section of the report explores a better scientific understanding of a flashover and the measurable variables that indicate an imminent flashover. The second section summarizes the implementation of this work into a portable device along with the full-scale testing of the device and results.


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Cyganski, David, R. James Duckworth, and Kathy Notarianni. Development of a Portable Flashover Predictor (Fire-Ground Environment Sensor System). Worcester Polytechnic Institute,, accessed on 24 Aug 2014.

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