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In 1981, Tokyo University of Science established Department of Fire Science and Technology in its Institute for Science and Technology. The aim was to set up a research center that would promote research on the safety technology to protect human life and property from fires, and research on the fire science that supports the technology. This development was initially started by the inauguration of a course on Architectural Fire Safety Engineering when the Department of Architecture.

TUS was founded some 40 years ago. In this way, TUS laid the foundations of research and education on fire science ahead of the times, when such developments were unknown in other universities. These foundations have yielded a strong track record of achievements since then, as amply illustrated in the fact that we have received two prestigious awards from the International Association for Fire Safety Science, the highest authority body of its kind in the world. The first of these was awarded for "Meritorious achievements in research contributing to the advancement of fire safety science", and the second was for "Meritorious achievements in education producing numerous researchers in fire science". In the past, Japan has suffered many fires in large buildings, which have claimed a large number of human lives. Members of the Department of Fire Science and Technology, TUS have been involved in appraising the majority of these serious building fires since 1968.

In recognition of this track record, the Department was included in the 21st CenturyCOE Program of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) in fiscal 2003, as a“ Center of Advanced Fire Safety Science and Technology for Buildings”. It is currently engaged in activities aimed at establishing itself as a research and education center on fire science and fire safety engineering at the world’s highest level. Other aims are to promote the advancement of fire safety engineering and the training of young researchers and specialist professionals. We will continue our efforts in offering innovative education and research to protect human lives and properties from fires. Following the 21st Century COE Program, which concluded in 2007, the Global COE Program 2008, which would conclude in 2012, further adopted the "Center for Education and Research on Advanced Fire Safety Science and Technology in East Asia". Now, the Center restarted as a five-year project after having been selected as a 2013 recipient of the Private University Strategic Research Formation Assistance Grant from the MEXT.

The aim of this program is to use the research results produced at our institution to contribute to reducing fire risks in Asia, and to protect the safety of the people who live in cities. The main content of this program can be divided into the following two themes.

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