Ministero dell’Interno, Dipartimento dei Vigili del Fuoco del soccorso pubblico e della difesa civile

The National Fire Brigade is in charge of rescue service to ensure public safety in the event of fires, natural disasters and great disastrous events.

The Italian Ministry of Interior is responsible for providing public rescue service in the event of fire fighting and prevention operations, natural disasters and great disastrous events all over the national territory, through the National Fire Brigade, a State organised body governed by civil law, working within the Department for Fire Service, Public Rescue and Civil Defence. 

It carries out civil defence functions through the setting up of a National Plan for Civil Defence which defines risks, explores possible scenarios and identifies measures to be adopted. The National Plan represents the general directive for developing both plans worked out by public/private agencies supplying essential services and 103 Provincial Plans drown up by Prefects.

Since 1941 the National Fire Brigade has been in charge of rescue service to people, property preservation and environment protection. Interventions can be asked by citizens for a wide range of emergencies, including opening of an apartment door, extinguishing a fire, recovering a submerged motor vehicle in a river, rescuing people from mountains or wells, recovering an animal and rescuing people involved in a car accident. 

Everyday firefighters have to cope with all kinds of situations and they are the first responders when a natural calamity and great disastrous events occur. For this reason they are given a special training enabling them to rapidly and appropriately cope with any kind of emergency.

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