Le Laboratoire Central de la Préfecture de Police


Le Laboratoire Central de la Prefecture de Police (The Central Laboratory of Parisian Police Headquarters), hereinafter LCPP, employs 63 engineers, 91 technicians, 24 bomb disposal technicians among other professionals.

The “Prefecture de Police” of Paris (the Parisian Police Headquarters) is acts as a co-ordinating body of the Great Paris area “Prefectures”, in order to prevent the events disturbing the law and order, when they relate to downtown Paris or suburbs of Paris including the 3 next “departments” of this area.

LCPP is a technical and scientific body whose fields are: expertise and prevention in technological and domestic risk fields, assistance to the safety of people and property, evaluation of human and industrial activity impact on environment. This public service is available in the greater Paris area.

LCPP’s fields are : bomb disposal squad, post explosion and post fire laboratory investigations, chemical risks, physical measurements and fire engineering, health and safety, environment.

Within this framework, LCPP is in charge of the Forensic Investigations led with regard to the bomb attacks and arsons occurring in the Great Paris area, in close cooperation with the French Police services, especially in case of terrorist attacks.

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